Hilton Head 2024

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Sonesta Resort The Hilton Head workshop has been held on the namesake island since 1984, but Hilton Head Island is more than a resort town! It is full of historic, cultural, and natural attractions, and we hope that attendees will take some time to explore this fascinating locale. This page includes some suggested activities and attractions that would complement your conference experience and add wonderful memories to your trip!

Hilton Head has a rich and unique history. The island was inhabited by the Escamacu tribe, which created shell ring structures estimated to be 4000 years old such as the one on Sea Pines. After colonization, enslaved peoples were brought to the island to farm cotton and indigo. The mixture of European, African and Indigenous cultures formed the Gullah Geechee language and culture which is unique to the coastal region near the island. The island was also an important port for trade and military activity before becoming a major fishing hub.

The island also offers many natural attractions. It is an important habitat for several species including loggerhead turtles which create nests in the sandy beaches. It is also a special destination for fishing and birdwatching.

There are many museums, historic sites and nature preserves that offer more information and experiences, and several companies offer guided tours for visitors. We encourage you to explore the rich history and environment of the island!

The Coastal Discovery Museum is a great starting point for exploring all aspects of the island.