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Since 1984, TRF has sponsored a biennial regional workshop on "Solid-State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems" in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The Workshop provides a highly interactive forum for North and South American researchers to present and discuss recent advances in the technologies of sensing, actuation devices and microsystems for physical, chemical, optical, and biological applications. Technical Program is driven by abstract subsmissions. Topics include: new concepts in sensor, actuator, and microsystems; design and modeling methodologies for device and processes; fabrication techniques including all aspects of microfabrication, materials and methods of processing; circuits for sensors, actuators and system implementations; packaging and testing, including data analysis for device and systems interfaced to the application environment.

Hilton Head 2022
5-9 June 2022
Chair: Reza Ghodssi

Hilton Head 2020
Chair: Mina Rais-Zadeh

Hilton Head 2018
3-7 June 2018
Chair: Tina Lamers

Hilton Head 2016
5-9 June 2016
Chair: Mark Allen

Hilton Head 2014
8-12 June 2014
Chair: Mehran Mehregany

Hilton Head 2012
3-7 June 2012
Chair: David J. Monk

Hilton Head 2010
6-10 June 2010
Chair: Kimberly L. Turner

Hilton Head 2008
1-5 June 2008
Chair: Leland "Chip" Spangler

Hilton Head 2006
4-8 June 2006
Chair: Thomas Kenny

Hilton Head 2004
6-10 June 2004
Chair: Robert Sulouff

Hilton Head 2002
2-6 June 2002
Chair: Martin A. Schmidt

Hilton Head 2000
4-8 June 2000
Chair: Luc J. Bousse

Hilton Head 1998
8-11 June 1998
Chair: Antonio J. Ricco

Hilton Head 1996
3-6 June 1996
Chair: Roger T. Howe

Hilton Head 1994
13-16 June 1994
Chair: David S. Eddie

Hilton Head 1992
22-25 June 1992
Chair: Stephen D. Senturia

Hilton Head 1990
4-7 June 1990
Chair: G. Benjamin Hocker

Hilton Head 1988
6-9 June 1988
Chair: Richard Mueller

Hilton Head 1986
2-5 June 1986
Chair: Kurt Petersen

Hilton Head 1984
6-8 June 1984
Chair: Kenneth D. Wise